Photo credit to Luna AP Photography

Photo credit to Luna AP Photography



Born and raised in the heart of central NJ, Photography has been a passion of Jacob's for long time now. He's traveled to some incredible places in hopes to capture the world in a unique way that allows others to see it for its true beauty. He's explored many abandoned locations just to get the photos very few others have and to preserve the buildings history for future generations. Every one of his photos has a story behind it whether its the location or the people involved in it. Here's a little summary of some of the categories listed above. 

Abandoned - Explore a gallery of the interior of some long forgotten buildings, full of rich and sometimes terrifying history, which are now slowly crumbling down where they stand. Each of these buildings hold some sort of significance and deserve to be remembered, even when they are long gone.

People - A collection of candid and portrait shots, consisting of strangers, friends, and family. Everyone has a story, and each of these photos provide a small window into the exciting and unknown lives  of those whom you pass on the street everyday but never say a word to.

Abstract - Some of my own personal side projects that go slightly beyond the average picture. These photos tend to be something surreal, or something you would never be able to see in the real world. They are an attempt to create a piece of art beyond the world around us.

Nature - A series of landscape photos put together from many of the places I've traveled to. A look into the beauty of the natural world and a reminder to always enjoy the small things in life.