All videos created and produced by Jacob Feldman

A set of motion graphics for Callout. Done completely in After Effects from scratch. Perfect for video intros and social media banners.

I created this entire video using Adobe After Effects. I also produced the photography used in this video as well as am the guitarist in the track used for the video. (Song by Callout, Recording produced by Jonathon Maisto)

Highlight Reel of the bands that performed at Spring Has Sprung Fest at Allstar Music Empire in Flemington. Show produced and run by Beardly Booking. Song used "Chocolate" by Jean Pool. Video/ editing by Jacob Feldman.

A promo video I produced as a recap of This Year’s Comeback’s album release show.

Cupa Cafe Promotional Video - I composed and recorded all the music to this video as well as filmed and edited all the footage. This video is a promotional video for the local coffee shop in my hometown meant to showcase the atmosphere and services provided by the store in a quick and concise manner.

This was a small project I created to practice filming, editing, and composing music. I created, composed, and recorded the music myself before then editing the video to the soundtrack I had made.

Daryl Eisenberg Knegten Watchung Town Council Promo Video. Created by me as a promotional video to be shared on social medias such as instagram, twitter, and facebook.

One of a few different Youtube videos I’ve created for the Callout Band channel, discussing how to be organized and prepared for professional recording studio work.

Callout guitar cover of Savior, originally by Rise Against. Video recorded and edited by me. A second camera person assisted while I played my parts in this song.

Some simple drone footage of Watchung NJ, Shot by me. The song is "Set Me Free" by Ariel Saloman which I recorded and produced.
A short B-roll set of clips showcasing the Callout practice space where we write, craft, and perfect our music.